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Nursing Scrubs for Women

BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing. BSN has been a course on top of the Philippines’ list. Nursing has been so in demand, for many years now. In our university for instance, it is pretty much obvious that the Nursing Department has been the priority in everything.

Anyway, I could say the department has been doing well. All the efforts made in prioritizing the said department have all made fruit. We make it on top of the lists, the university and the students. In each batch that would take the board exams, only three to five would fail from our graduates. The university gives them free review classes too before the exams.

Another is that I really love nursing scrubs suits that my school mates have. Theirs is in gray. It really looks cool and fresh and clean. When I see them in uniform I feel a little bit envy. I think it is more comfortable to wear obviously than the skirt that I wear. So If you are looking for scrub tops, you could visit this scrub clothing site.


I’m going driving..

Yup, I’ll continue with my driving lessons after finishing the tasks of this month, maybe in a week or so. It was hard enough to ask mom to pay for the lessons. I had really loads of work to do for the past months, for my future, you know. That was why I was away from the www.

Anyway, I’m getting used to that part of life now. The “think about your future” part of life. I was also often teased about having my own family, Errr. ? , and being an independent almost not a teenage lady.

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The Last promise..

It was confirmed on the 10th that the popular group, Arashi, will be in Fuji TV’s special drama “The Last Promise” with all five of the members together, which is first since 10 years ago, and it will be aired next year in early spring.

It is a human suspense where the five coincidentally come upon a building hijack and face an unpredictable situation. It is the first time the leader Ohno Satoshi (28), Sakurai Sho (27), Aiba Masaki (26), Ninomiya Kazunari (26), and Matsumoto Jun (26) are co-star in a drama since “V no Arashi” from ’99, right after their debut. The poster which have been shot for this drama has a mature atmosphere that makes us feel their growth of the 10 years.

In addition to recently starring in dramas, movies and stage plays solo and earning high reviews of their acting skills, their variety shows are popular with every ages. Their DVD “All the BEST! CLIPS 1999 – 2009”, which was released on the 28th of last month, has sold 500,000 copies, which is a first in the history of music DVDs, and they are unstoppable.

Ohno says, “I want to act keeping 10 years worth of experiences and feelings in mind”, and Matsumoto says “I am a bit embarrassed…(laugh), but I am looking forward to the day the five of us film together.”

Source:: Arashi Wish

Survivor Philippines II Another WORST Episode

Warning:: Totally Arashi Unrelated!

So DAMN!! Watching the show, NOT ANYMORE!!

All my bets have been voted out! Bye Shaun! *cries*

Stupid “Eliminate the strongest, the threat to my chance of winning” mentallity!!!


The remaining five castaways are so not playing NICELY!!

Charles and Justine.. TRAITORS!!

Jeff, didn’t you say you were going to do something??!!

MIKA!!! and Amanda! Just wait till everything turns against the two of you!!

Someone who just tells others to vote out someone who is stronger than him is so WEAK and cannot be called a SOLE SURVIVOR.

Honestly speaking, none of them deserves it!

Survivor Philippines II : The WORST Episode

Not ARASHI RELATED.. don’t get yourselves disappointed.

And I got emotional..

This is like the only show that I really got my eyes on.. And my favorite player just got voted out because of camaraderie..

Not only because he is Japanese, but him being himself on this game, got me betting that he will be the second Sole Survivor. “Suzuki Sadatsugu lived in Japan for 18 years but still managed to stay true to his Filipino roots.”

If only he held the immunity bracelet.. But if he did Shaun would be eliminated.. The two buds’ farewell to each other made me wanna cry my heart out.. You are my Sole Survivor Zuki!

For him.. Survivor Philippines is over.. and so for I!

I just hope Shaun gets it… And Mika is already getting into my nerves! I just hope she’s next!