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嵐 in Anecan (11.2009)

I SOOO missed doing this!
嵐 in Anecan (11.2009)

Though there were only three of them.

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Cut May Issue

Credits as labeled!..

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Switch May Scans

Hi minna san!

Jun’s shoes is PURPLE!!

EDIT :: I found scans already,,.. Credits as labeled!..

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Wink Up April 2008

Whew.. so I know that this is kinda late.. this was released a month ago.. March 7 2008.. but call me whatever.. but I just saw this scans now.. so here.. Tidings of Spring.. scans credit to Bite the Love @Lj!! Thanks to her.. But I know that I have seen Aiba’s part somewhere.. but I kinda lost my memory… anyway.. I’m still thinking of where I saw it.. I was even wondering if I have posted this before.. Am I dreaming?? seriously.. It’s bugging me… MAY Issue.. I have posted it six days ago.. and this is the April issue.. I’m really confused.. so I’ll just post them anyway..

I didn’t listen to Jun Style.. but I heard he wanted to be drawn!? LOL!! Like I can participate anyway.. Why wasn’t I given rabu hands for me to be able to draw rabu things..?? W-H-Y??!!!


EDIT! Question answered! Problem solved!! I found links already! Lucky ME!! Never mind this post already!

Sho kun!! Why Sho kun?? I don’t know!?! Anyway.. That’s not my question! This is one of the most kawaiiest Arashi shoots that I have ever seen!! But this one is all I have.. I’m guessing this is from a Wink Up edition! But what issue?? Can someone tell me?? Or could someone share the scans with me?? Thanks!!

While looking around I found this.. from Wink Up March 2007.. Another thing to make rabu rabu!!