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[sticky post] 嵐 vs. Kat-tun


Voting for the final round is closed.. Darn! I have not yet voted since yesterday. Anyway.. I already have a mighty bet on who is winning this! Ha! *gets bricked*

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The final round has started!

嵐 vs. Kat-tun

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Channel [V] Japan vs. Korea

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Amusingly,, the votes for the final battle are now hidden.. which makes it more interesting.. But as I have seen it yesterday.. Arashi is leading with 2000 votes… Let’s keep voting mina!


The battle winner will be announced on TV!!! SO GREAT!!


Channel [V] Japan vs. Korea

Arashi made it to the final round! what else do we expect??..

And of course.. they were never moved from number ONE in the LeaderBoard..

BUT they still need our votes!

Kat-tun got  LOTS of votes for the last round! GREATER than Arashi’s!

Yes they are both JPOP but WE GO FOR ARASHI! *gets bricked by Kat-tun fans*

It’s an open competition!

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5×10 All The Best! Clips 1999-2009


Yes! All the best indeed!

Music video greatest hits DVD release from Arashi including all 31 music videos from their debut song “ARASHI” through “Crazy Moon – Kimi wa Muteki” plus music video of “Lucky Man”.

Special Features: “animation film of Believe” (Full version)



01 opening~ A・RA・SHI
03 台風ジェネレーション -Typhoon Generation-
04 感謝カンゲキ雨嵐
05 君のために僕がいる
06 時代
07 a Day in Our Life
08 ナイスな心意気
10 とまどいながら
11 Lucky Man
12 ハダシの未来
13 言葉より大切なもの
15 瞳の中のGalaxy
16 Hero
17 サクラ咲ケ

01 intro~ きっと大丈夫
02 アオゾラペダル
03 Love so sweet
04 We can make it!
05 Happiness
06 Step and Go
07 One Love
08 truth
09 風の向こうへ
10 Beautiful days
11 Believe
12 明日の記憶
13 Crazy Moon~キミ・ハ・ムテキ~

14 “animation film of Believe”

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Pi chan!! I forgot!!

Woot!! I forgot!! B-lated happy birthday!!! Tanjoubi Omedetou anyways!! Happy 23rd Birthday!!.. Why is everyone keep getting older and older!! (It’s almost August!!!!…… noooooooooooo!!!!) hehe!! still happy birthday Pi chan!! → How many times have I set that!!??

And to just make the late celebration perfect.. A superstar like you is just normally raped by fans neh!?

Just days before his 23rd year!!.. lucky girls who were able to rip off his clothes! LOL!! Got the video from Ate Arlene, and the Photo from Empas, More of the story HERE! And a larger pic HERE!

Wink Up May 2008

Hi!! Wink Up! scans!! Credits to Shanghai Girl’s pdbox and ♥Jun on VOX! Thanks!♥♥

Himitsu no Arashi Chan will already start today!! 22:00 (Japan Time) the first episode has 15 minutes extra!! Do you think Matsujun will be wearing glasses??? … And I’m giving Credits to Miya!! Thanks for the icon, I’m going to use it as my avatar!!!!



I’m telling you.. not so interesting!!.. wheeeeew!!! First,, It’s almost Himitsu no Arashi Chan! And my Keyhole TV”S characters are all messed up.. Its all boxes!! Boxes like this ΠΠΠΠΠ!!!!! So I have to check all it’s damn channels!!! And now.. I could not get into it!! It says.. Log in timed out. Please check your network! And now what??!! It’s raining cats and dogs in my City!!!! No.. It’s really raining!! So so hard!!! My speaker is already on the loudest volume,, but what??? I still can’t hear a thing!!! And because it’s raining so hard.. It even looks like that the power is gonna come off!! Black Out!!! No!!! And because it’s raining.. my internet connection is also coming off!!! Darn online problems!!! Darn!!!!!!! And still you have to pay for electricity.. and for the stupid connection costing 1000 php per month!! And do you know how hard money is in my country?????

EDIT AGAIN!! WaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!! No regrets now!!! I love KeyHole Tv!!! even though it’s blurry.. I can still hear their voices.. though I cannot understand a thing their saying.. even though everytime the screen clears up it’s Oh-chan that I’m seeing!!! He looks so kawaii!!!And Jun was with specs again!!! WHAT A SURPRISE!!! hehe!! Somebody kindly put subs!! Thanks!