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BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing. BSN has been a course on top of the Philippines’ list. Nursing has been so in demand, for many years now. In our university for instance, it is pretty much obvious that the Nursing Department has been the priority in everything.

Anyway, I could say the department has been doing well. All the efforts made in prioritizing the said department have all made fruit. We make it on top of the lists, the university and the students. In each batch that would take the board exams, only three to five would fail from our graduates. The university gives them free review classes too before the exams.

Another is that I really love nursing scrubs suits that my school mates have. Theirs is in gray. It really looks cool and fresh and clean. When I see them in  scrub pants I feel a little bit envy. I think it is more comfortable to wear obviously than the skirt that I wear. So If you are looking for cheap scrub, where to buy cheap scrubs, or scrubs for cheap, you could visit this scrub clothing site.


Meet My Hero!

Kim Jaejoong (TVXQ) also known as Hero.. I saw a picture of him on the net.. and remembered how my sister liked him.. and how I did.

Ok.. so I so wanna have his face..

He looks so pretty in my eyes..

His the only non Arashi person in this universe that makes me wanna cry when I look in the mirror!!!

Korea’s Domyoji Tsukasa

RUMOR :: It seems that they will really pick new stars for the cast.. 18 year old HWANG CHAN SUNG / SEONG is rumored to be Korea’s Domyoji Tsukasa.. It seems that this guy is just starting in business.. he had his first minor role in High Kick last 2006.. and was voted #91 at MNet’s Top 100 must have men!.. Besides those.. I could not really find anything about him..


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Pi chan!! I forgot!!

Woot!! I forgot!! B-lated happy birthday!!! Tanjoubi Omedetou anyways!! Happy 23rd Birthday!!.. Why is everyone keep getting older and older!! (It’s almost August!!!!…… noooooooooooo!!!!) hehe!! still happy birthday Pi chan!! → How many times have I set that!!??

And to just make the late celebration perfect.. A superstar like you is just normally raped by fans neh!?

Just days before his 23rd year!!.. lucky girls who were able to rip off his clothes! LOL!! Got the video from Ate Arlene, and the Photo from Empas, More of the story HERE! And a larger pic HERE!

Hana Yori Dango Final

Hana Yori Dango Final advance sale for tickets starts April 26 2008 Saturday!!! Not only that,, Hana Yori Dango Final will release limited edition post cards. There are only 200,000 sets! It costs 1300 yen but only 800 yen for Junior High School students! If I am not mistaken,.. each post card set comes with a theater entrance ticket!!..

From HYD Final Website!!..

EDIT! :: I may not be able to get online for the next days including tomorrow of course.. If ever that happens.. It means I’m on the hospital so pray for me neh!! I’m being attacked be my oh so disturbing fgbhv sjdtyftbv Asthma!! What on earth is happening?!! This was suppose to be my summer vacation!! Bye Bye Beach resorts!!! See ya soon!! And Nene chan.. I’m still going to join you’re RP neh!!

EDIT! :: I’m back from the hospital.. I just went there for a check up and some medication.. the doctor said that it was not really that serious like my past asthma and that I would only be needing rest.. And I’m a little bit fine now!!! Good Luck to us!!