I l♥ve you more than cupcakes!!..

Long Time

It’s been a long time since I last updated, but I’m really glad I still get visitors and hits. It really makes me happy. You’ve been away for long and you open an old very much loved blog, and you see it still booms with statistics OMG. HAHA

I remember maybe three years ago, this blog of mine was really a hot spot for Arashi stalkers, I’m glad that up to now it is till somewhat like that. Anyway Ohno chan just had his birthday, Happy birthday Oh-chan,, our forever riida♥♥♥

OMFG, this is the first time I made such mistakes, I mistakenly switched his birthday with Nino.. OMG BAD FANGIRL
I made myself depress. ~Is now depressed..

Happy Birthday Nino~~ Sorry for being a bad fangirl~