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BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing. BSN has been a course on top of the Philippines’ list. Nursing has been so in demand, for many years now. In our university for instance, it is pretty much obvious that the Nursing Department has been the priority in everything.

Anyway, I could say the department has been doing well. All the efforts made in prioritizing the said department have all made fruit. We make it on top of the lists, the university and the students. In each batch that would take the board exams, only three to five would fail from our graduates. The university gives them free review classes too before the exams.

Another is that I really love nursing scrubs suits that my school mates have. Theirs is in gray. It really looks cool and fresh and clean. When I see them in  scrub pants I feel a little bit envy. I think it is more comfortable to wear obviously than the skirt that I wear. So If you are looking for cheap scrub, where to buy cheap scrubs, or scrubs for cheap, you could visit this scrub clothing site.


Masaki Aiba


Merry Christmas MInna!!!

Oh-chan’s warning

Oh-chan’s This week sentence last 2010.12.13

This year is going to end soon too~! Everyone! Be careful not to catch a cold~!

LOL! So caring Oh-chan..

So let us all remember this and try our hardest not to catch a cold!

Jun’s New Hair

Matsumoto Jun had his hair cut last week.. still looking for pics.. not seen anything yet.. and that is because of my lack of will to search.. my eyesd are so weeeekk…
Gonna look for an update for this =))