I l♥ve you more than cupcakes!!..


I finally had some time to post!!! I miss everything so much so so badly!! I miss the hearts and rainbows and the ocean od daisies and nosebleeds!! Some personal stuff happened after my volleyball sacrifice!!! But sadly I won’t be back still!! Maybe I’ll come back soon.. after weeks still.. and i really hate whats going on right now cause I’ve been missing lots of stuff!! And I really want to get back to everything that i’ve been missing!! I MISS ARASHI SO MUCHHH!!!!!

I regret doing everything that I have done,, especially because missing out all this stuff is my stupid payment for everything!!!

Till next time minna san!!!


OMG!!!! I like.. want to.. love to cry cause of happiness and sadness right now!!

ARASHI Kyocera Dome tour in Osaka is tonight!! And I’m going to miss lots of blogging about this because I’m not around but anyway!! Ganbatte ARASHI!!!!

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