I l♥ve you more than cupcakes!!..

Arashi’s Solos

Good Morning!! My sun is shinning brightly today though I wasn’t able to sleep well yesterday because we went to NAIA Airport! And NO.. I was not going to Japan!! We just accompanied a relative going to Turkey! And finally!!! Finally!! I’m going to listen to their Dream A Live songs WHOLE HEARTEDLY!! So first I’m going to listen to their Solos at Jenshinnn’s Post! I’m currently in the middle of Aiba Chan’s song!! And after i finish all solos.. I’m gonna haunt VOX again for all the post that I have been getting away from for the past weeks.. Thinking that I have only heard Step and Go, Naked and Move your body which was by an accident!!.. I have finally decided to be a good fan girl and finally listen!! So I’m gonna listen….

And there are some news I have heard.. like Matsujun finally went to see Ohno’s Amatsukaze and that Sho will be the main caster for the coverage of NTV for the Beijing Olympics!! Go Sho chan!!!!


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