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TV Pia and TV Life May Issues Scans! From Ittadaki


Jun and Shun under the Same roof??

Holy ****! I was about to leave because I was so much in a hurry when I saw this topic.. and because I was in a hurry I forgot the link to where I found it so gomen for the news bearer cause I can’t post your link!!

Shun Oguri has moved into a LUXURIOUS Mansion because he started living independently! The catch is he moved on the same mansion where Matsujun presently leaves! It is where Matsujun moved in to when he left Ikebukuro. From what the reporter said, the realator and someone else involved stated that it was a two bedroom mansion! And Jun was buying it because his company lent him money! It seems that Jun was the one who introduced the house to Oguri, He was the one who told Oguri that the place is nice and offers great security!

So what now?? Are they really living together??? If that is true!! I’m moving to that house right now!!!

I’m Back!

I’m back!! How many days have passed anyway?? Uhm.. anyway Time Concert DVD cover is out already..

EDIT: Dream A Live Cover Out! Thanks Oreiji for pointing out!

ne.jpg le.jpg

Normal Edition Limitted Edition

And I spoted this poster somewhere! The colors are really nice!


Myojo and Popolo May Issue

I dont know if you have seen this already but I’ve got nothing to do and for me to be able to forget the fact that I missed watching SC and Arashi was in it.. So Im posting the scans..

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Vote Arashi!

Let’s vote for Arashi’s members and their dramas at the 11th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix – Final Round! Voting ends March 26 at 5 pm so let’s hurry and vote!!
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