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Tips on being Matsumoto Jun’s Girlfriend

Speaking about girlfriends.. I found these tips on this Matsujun Philippine Community!!

…According to Aiba-chan:
Properly listen to what Matsumoto san has to say!
“In Matsumoto-san’s case, it would be best if it’s someone who can stay with him when eating even if it takes a long time. In those instances, it’s necessary to properly listen to what he says. If you sit there clueless and then stop listening, and when he asks things like “So, what do you think about that?” he’ll suddenly kick you to the curb *bitter laugh*. Now that I think about it, he once spilled red wine on my white pants. That time I lost. When you eat with Matsumoto-san, I suggest you don’t wear any white clothes.”

…According to Nino-chan:
Be aware of style!
“In any case, Matsumoto-san is stylish. He changes his hairstyle often, and he likes clothes so it seems he goes shopping often as well. Since I have no interest in style I’m not really sure, but I believe he definitely matches various types of clothes and wears it well. Even at home, he has a quite a lot of clothes. Since that’s the type of person he is, wouldn’t it be natural he come to like someone that is definitely just naturally-aware of style? There might even be instances where he goes to buy clothes during a date, so it’s definitely an advantage if it’s someone that likes clothes.”

…According to Ohno-kun:
Become his manager for a day!
“MatsuJun really likes it when you do something he wants you to do, before he asks. In other words someone that can sense things, someone that can examine a situation and figure things out, that’s how you can grab his heart, I think. On the flip side, it’s someone who’s just naturally aware of herself. Specifically, what can you do to please him? That’s not only too hard but I can’t really explain it…If you become his manager for a day I believe you’ll probably be able to learn the points on when to be ‘aware’ of things!”

…According to Sho-kun:
Be able to read and recognize a list of movie stars!
“Since MatsuJun watches movies frequently. Even the day we went to Osaka for the C1000 event, he said he woke up early and went to watch a movie. I believe he likes [movies] quite a lot. He’ll definitely enjoy it if you say things like “so and so was a good piece” or “So and so actor’s acting is great.” That and it seems he’s quite into pasta. Since he says, “My napolitan is really good,” if you’re someone who can’t eat napolitan I hope you definitely overcome that!”

…and according to Jun-kun!
Someone who can read the air and act accordingly
“When we’re together, I’m interested in how that person goes about things. I believe to be able to read the air a person needs a sense for it, and I think at that point that person’s true character comes out. For example if we’re all eating together, once the plates are empty, it’s not about cleaning that up but it’s the timing of when to clean it up that I find important. If that sense is the same as me, then I feel like it’s someone I can date a long time.”


Im dead again!!


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    I agree with you 100.1 %!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    this video is so so so so so hot!!!!!!!

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    I KNOW!!!!

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    Ya.. now we know what to do!!!

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  7. * Anonymous says:

    It is nice if Inoue Mao would be the girlfriend of Matsumoto Jun.

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  8. * Anonymous says:

    I would be happy if Matsumoto Jun choose Inoue Mao as his girlfriend.

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    hey what about me!!??? Joke!@!
    ye their cool for each other!!

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    you guys are right!

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    I love matsumoto jun SOx2,000,000 MUCH!!!!!!!

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