I l♥ve you more than cupcakes!!..

My eyes are retarded!!

DAMN!! I’m so fu**ing horribly sososososo tired right now!!!!! I have only 3 hours to sleep and I don’t even have the chance to go online and to watch tv!!! I can’t take this anymore!! To much problems to carry!! To much things to do.. unlike JUN who manages to go to Hong Kong back to Japan to Las Vegas back to Japan again and again.. there’s taping .. performances.. and many whatever stuff more!!! I’m ashamed!! He’s also going to be in Los Angeles on the 27th to promote Kakushi Toride!! America??? why America?? there’s still Asia you know!! Europe too!! Darn!! so there it is!! He’s gonna be in LA!! And I also heard about the Sho so stupid scandals!! Darn those scandal makers~!!! Anyways!! It’s ok already!! How can they make scandals from Sho who is only trying to be the greatest friend ever??? Darn them!!! Good thing it’s fine already!!!

Uhmm.. I would like to greet the author of Tenjo Style an advance Happy Birthday!! I know it’s a month away but it’s a thanks for always sharing everything fan girly!! Have a nice week everyone!!

EDIT!! HOW COULD I LET THIS!!!! I was keeping myself away from listening to any Dream A Live song!! And I just disobeyed myself I’m currently listening to MOVE YOUR BODY!!! And I just can’t say anything else!!! I’m dead!!!!

THIS post!! It seduced me!!! It made me listen!!!! ITT MAAADDDEEEE MMMEEEE LLIIISSTTTEENNN!!!!!


Matsujun in Roadshow April

I’m such a.. I don’t know..HERE and HERE

I’m giving credits to Eve_Aida

I’m Left Behind!

I have not yet listened to any Arashi radio program lately.. I have not yet watched any Arashi program these days.. Cause I don’t want to hear their songs just now!!! I am really left behind you know.. right now I’ve got nothing about them and I HAVE NOT YET LISTENED TO ANY DREAM A LIVE SONG!!! I’m trying to help myself not to listen to any.. AND I DON”T KNOW WHY?? o_O .. It’s not that I’m buying or having the album but wtf is going on with me???? I need a check up!! A MENTAL check up!!

Invitation May 2008 Issue

I just died again and again and again!!!


Himitsu Cms

Hello Everyone!! I’m so busy lately but finally!! School’s over!!!.. Here are Arashi Himitsu Cms that I stole from TenjoStyle! And I have also read there that Matsujun went to Disney World Florida for a Himitsu no Arashi Chan Episode!! I just hope he will be featured on Disney!! wahaha!

Jun Version

Ohno Version

Jun was wearing glasses again!!!