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Jun Matsumoto’s Pepsi CM

Whahaa!! Sorry for the late notice to the Filipino people out there! It was just a while ago that I realized that Hana Yori Dango 2 is now already placed on GMA’s primetime hours.. woot!! HYD Gambatte!! Another thing.. Im hoping that this would be the first ever CM of Matsujun that will be shown here in our country.. Pepsi’s CM are usually shown here.. no matter who the featured person is.. just like Vanness Wu’s right? He’s a Taiwanese.. but still it was shown here.. RIGHT!!?? The same should be for Matsumoto JUN.. *dies*

Anyways.. he’s the new model.. he’s just sooo… KYAAA!!! The new edition of Pepsi that he will be making a CM for is called NEX it’s a ZERO Calorie Pepsi thingy.. anyways.. even though it is composed of 100% calories.. I’ll take whatever he takes!! Anyways.. Pepsi is just a so so big big soda company.. Pepsi covers a wide range of influenced countries all over the world… Matsujun is really for the win.. !!! It will be aired MARCH 8 2008!!

KYAAA!! Pepsi’s New CM schedule moved from March 8 to March 4!!


Credits to FYBABE

**Here’s a scanlation Matsujun’s photoshoot in the magazine CUT. HERE! From TENJO STYLE ON VOX!!!


Arashi New Album and Concert in May

What the hell what the hell!!!!??Yesterday I just heard about Hana Yori Dango Photobook.. and now here’s another BIG BIG things that will make us bankrupt!! NO NO NO!! Arashi will be having a concert in may titled “Arashi Marks 2008 Dream-A-Live!!” SHOOT!! And a release of a NEW Album SOON!! Johnny Kitagawa will be the man causing every fan girl being bankrupt!! Hate this guy!! Hate! Hate! Hate! Any ways I just got this awesome but heart aching news from this two great great people that I awe this post to.. Pyrefly and LadyXS.. Thank you very much and I love you! Read the rest of the info from them!

Brief Schedule:

  • May 16 Fri. 18 Sun. — Kyocera Dome Osaka
  • May 31 Sat. June 1 Sun. — Nagoya Dome
  • June 14 Sat. 15 Sun — Tokyo Dome
  • June 18 Wed. 19 Thu. — Fukuoka Dome
  • July 5 Sat. 6 Sun. — Sapporo Dome

Entrance Ticket :

  • 6,800 Yen
  • 2, 572 Philippine Peso
  • 63 Canada Dollars
  • 68 Australia Dollars
  • 457 China Yuan Renminbi
  • 42 Euros

Hana Yori Dango Final PhotoBook

So okay.. I was just surfing around VOX communities.. and to my surprise this site just poped out..Anyways it says that our dear Mao Inoue said and confirmed that there will be an official Hana Yori Dango Final Photo Book.. featuring their filming process photos from Hong Kong to Las Vegas!! YEEEEY!!! But to excite and make all of us wait they have not yet announced the release date!! Oh noes!!! How much ever I want it, I don’t have money!!! Poor Jetlyn San!!!

And yet another seducing treat.. The movie’s trailer is almost out.. And Hana Yori Dango Final will be featured on March 1 on this shows:: Ousama no Brunch and Nippon Movie Navi.. Matsumoto Jun and F4 will be there.. Let’s all wait for it ne!!

THIS site I mean! Thanks to you for the info..

Jun Matsumoto in Las Vegas Report

So okay.. here is another fan girl whom I am jealous of.. oh oh!! Jealousy is becoming my virtue.. jealousy is not the best policy!! So okay.. so this is kinda the most sweetest of all.. How lucky.. Mao Inoue gave her a smile.. Kato Natsuki waved on her.. and the BEST OF ALL.. she GAVE MATSUMOTO JUN A TANGERINE and HE ACCEPTED it!! They experienced EYE TO EYE CONTACT!!! She was ONE FOOT away from Matsujun… !!

Anyways, you could see this lucky girl’s report about Hana Yori Dango in Las Vegas HERE!!
Im telling you she got some caps.. but I’m sure it will only make you ask for more and more and more!!!

Edit:: And if you’re asking for that more and more THIS will satisfy you!!

Lucky lucky fan girls who flooded Las Vegas with Nosebleeds……. Thanks for sharing you’re reports and caps..

Arashi is on!

Arashi is on Oricon Style’s Gold February 22 Issue.. to those who will be buying.. please.. kindly give me some scanlations.. I haven’t seen the issue yet but I bet it’s gorgeous!..

Ohno Satoshi is on Weekly Pia released today February 21 2008.. he also has a VTR performance in NewsZero today.. and don’t forget ZoomIn!!