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Gokusen 3

Dec 22 2007
It is announced that there is going to be a third season of Gokusen. After the success of 1 and 2 another season is coming. Matsujun is one of the lead cast of the first season as Shin Sawada, the most handsome student of Shirokin Gakuen, the leader of the most ferocious class 3D, and at the same a son of a government official and don’t forget the school’s valedictorian. He was just so cool as Shin my prince charming. Yukie Nakama is still going to be the one and only Yankumi. some of the main characters will be retained.. For her students.. auditions will begin at the end of this year I think.. In some articles I have read that Matsujun will be in it, including Gokusen 2’s Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN. In some others I have read that only Kamenashi will be in it, they also mentioned that it is impossible for Matsujun to be in it because of his busy busy life.. but it would be really really great if the original devil angel Shin Sawada would be in it in the 3rd season. It is in his role as Shin that I fell for him, that is why Gokusen 1 is my favorite.


That post above is kinda useless now… As usual the cast is composed of JE hotties! sooo…..
Here are the cast

Yukie Nakama as expected will reprise her role as Kumiko Yamaguchi (Yankumi) so as the Uedo Clan members!

Takaki Yuya of Hey! Say! Jump! following the footsteps of Jun Matsumoto and Kamenashi kazuya will stand up as the leader of another bunch of delinquents students this time!

Miura Haruma of Brash Brats
Ishiguro Hideo ~~ Junta Nakama ~~ Kiriyama Akito ~~ Miura Shohei

Search for them HERE!


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  1. * newssuki says:

    oh my gokusen strikes again! hooray! ^_^ i hope matsujun will be back but not for student role but maybe a teacher? because last time, he mentioned he wanted to be like yankumi in Gokusen Sp rite? the student can always be anybody.. maybe the previous cast such jin and kamenashi could be role model for the students that yankumi will teach in gokusen 3.. maybe she will tell stories about them to her new 3D students. as you can see, kuma appeared in gokusen 2. so maybe we can see the previous cast in gokusen 3 as well. yeah, i agree matsujun, jin and kame have busy busy career. but who knows we can get a little suprise if they might join the drama. i know, everyone will think shin sawada is the best. yeah, noone beat him. his character is unique yet matsujun gave his best shot in gokusen 1. no wonder lots of fans who watched gokusen 1 because of him as well as yankumi too and the chemistry between them. so anything can possibly happen. my advice is just wait minna.. i am sure the production and its director knows how to take our breath away and deep intention like they did in gokusen 1 and 2. ^_^

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 1 month ago

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