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My Obsessions

These days, my life is revolving not around it but on it (You Tube). I can’t stop watching!!.. That site is seducing me!

Now I wish that I am Riida! Why?

And it would be FUN to be NINO! Why?



My Japanese Name

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Another set of chibi videos

Finally.. something to laugh at..

This ones funny!

HYD 2 in the Philippines

Well as expected it started yesterday.. Hana Yori Dango 2.. the number 1 drama in Japan for 2007 is officially on in the Philippines.. My excitement was still on its highest level as ever.. even though I’ve already seen that heart aching drama..  Ohhh… Matsujun is soo sssuupeer such a great actor.. ~kawaii!~

Well I’m off now.. It’s almost time for Hana Yori Dango… and I may not be online that much because of some (many personal) problems which are really bothering me..  I am so tired these days because of a school program and we are going to dance a Japanese dance.. I really love the kimono which is of course our costume and after that .. some times later.. we are going to have our preliminary examinations.. covering our lessons in all subjects from June 2007 to present.. ahhh.. life is hard!!! “~~“

I wanna go to Japan.. you know what.. actually right now.. I just arrived from school.. I’m so tired and Im still wearing my uniform and I have already been scolded.. and now.. tears are coming out from my big black eyes.. passing through my… grrrrrr.. ~eyebags~ and sliding through my precious ~“pretty“~ face…

Matsujun.. rescue me… keep me company…

HELP! HELP! ~~~~~!!!


I did not know that Nino was taller than Matsujun before! (a lot taller) These videos gave me stomach aches!!!

I did not know that Matsujun was once a weather reporter!

Chibi Jun’s Profile

Jun and Sho as detectives

Nino is crying

Santa and Reindeer

Arashi Kawaii

Jun so hot with tatoos (WSS)

Arashi Telephone Box